Almost Intelligent Dotz (Java applets)

These are simple particle demos. The particles are living on an arena, and all of them have similar program, with different parameters. The particle's parameters describe the position of it for the next frame. Some parameter sets result sophisticated "behaviors".

First Scene

It's just a simple setup to see how the parameters work. When the dot stops moving, it gets reinitialized with new parameters:

Set min=max for constant value. Set kickshape to '1' for square, '2' for round (slower, requires some floating computing). Set bordersoftness to 0/hard to cca. 8/soft, or set -1 for no border (so, dots run out of screen). Random numbers are generated basing on seed.

Go with First Scene!

Different presets:

Lady Soccer

Based on ADT's old Amiga demo routine. The yellow dot is the ball, followed by lady spccer players, and get kicked random directions according to parameters found on the left side.

When a player stops, she will be reinitialized with parameters found at the right side. If the ball's actual speed is higher than handlinglimit the player can't kick it (that's how the ball can get out of the mass of players).

The basic concept is that when the player stops, she starts for the ball. ALso, the player will not go straigth to the target, she will miss it by 0..targetmiss distance. Some cases, if she thinks so, she chooses another player instead of the target. The followratio (initial parameter and does not changes) describes the rate of choosing the right target (usually the ball): 0 - never, 100 - always. Wrong target means another randomly selected mate. If both min and max follow ratio is zero, no one will take care of the target, they will follow each other. In snake mode, only the first player follows the ball, the second one follows the first, the third follows the second and so on.

Enjoy Lady Soccer!

Different presets:

created: 2008.10.06 - requires java runtime 1.3 or higher installed - info: ern0 at thisdomain